AE9/AP9/SPM: Versions (public releases)

Version public release Feature changes Data set changes
V1.00.002 5 Sep 2012 version 1 8 proton data sets, 17 electron data sets, 6 plasma data sets
V1.03.001 26 Sep 2012 GUI improvements, epoch specification, bug fixes N/A
V1.04.001 20 Mar 2013 integral plasma stitching tool, bug fixes N/A
V1.04.002 20 Jun 2013 integral plasma stitching tool N/A
V1.05.001 6 Sep 2013 fix SHIELDOSE2 N/A
V1.20.002 4 Feb 2015 more input/output options, addition of IGRF 2015, bug fixes added TacSat-4/CEASE protons, THEMIS/ESA plasma; AP9 energy coverage extended to 2 GeV; correction to some electron data set cross-calibrations
V1.20.003 20 Apr 2015 addition of known issues document, bug fixes N/A
V1.20.004 14 Oct 2015 bug fix to integral plasma stitching tool N/A
V1.30.001 9 Feb 2016 fix to AP9/AE9 Monte Carlo issue N/A
V1.35.001 23 Jan 2017 support for parallized processing N/A
V1.50.001 1 Dec 2017 API improvements, new output utility added Van Allen Probes/RPS+REPT protons and MagEIS electrons; Azur protons; TWINS2/HiLET protons
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Current as of 7 January 2021