AE9/AP9/SPM: Energy and Spatial Coverage

The model suite includes three models: AE9 and AP9 for energetic electrons and protons respectively, plus the Standard Plasma Model (SPM) for plasma. SPM includes electrons (SPME), protons (SPMH), helium ions (SPMHE) and oxygen ions (SPMO).

Model AE9 AP9 SPM
Species e- H+ e-, H+, He+, O+
Energies 40 keV-10 MeV 100 keV-2 GeV (V1.20) 1-40 keV (e-); 1.15-164 keV (H+, He+, O+)
Range in L 0.98 < L* <12.4 0.98 < L* < 12.4 2 < Lm < 10

The energy coverage of protons in AP9 was expanded up to 2 GeV in V1.20 with use of templates based on Van Allen Probes RPS data.

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Current as of 7 January 2021