Collaboration site for the RYWA Avionics Attestation Project for assurance that target aircraft will start in a known-good state.

What is TAP?

As part of pre-flight checks, technicians use a trusted external verifier to validate the contents of non-volatile storage on-board the LRU. The program uses strict timing analysis and queries to identify anomalies. As a result, operators can generate assurance that the target aircraft will start in a known-good state. During the static attestation process each memory area is scanned and memory contents and response times are recorded and compared against expected values. Any unauthorized changes to OFP are detected and errors or possible cyber-attacks are displayed on the operator GUI.

What are the requirements to register for TAP?

The requirements to be involved with TAP are the following:

  • Must be a United States Citizen
  • Must be working on a government contract
  • Must have a valid security clearance

How do I register for TAP?

To be placed on the mailing list to receive information on upcoming TAP meetings, please fill in the following information:

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How do I un-register for TAP?

To be removed from the mailing list, send a blank email to:


with UN-REGISTER FOR TAP in the Subject line.

Request Restricted Access:

Access to the TAP restricted site requires a Virtual Distributed Library (VDL) account. If you would like to request access, please go to the following link and click Request Access. https://www.vdl.afrl.af.mil/


The TAP administrators can be reached by email at: tapwebmaster@vdl.afrl.af.mil

TAP Sponsors:

TRMC logoTest Resource Management Center (TRMC)
CROWS logoCyber Resiliency Office for Weapon Systems (CROWS)
MQ9 logoAFLCMC/WII Medium Altitude UAS Division, Det 3, MQ-9 System Program Office
KC46 logoAFLCMC/WK KC-46 System Program Office
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Current as of 30 June 2022